Our Mission

EnerCheck is devoted to helping New Brunswick people reduce their energy consumption. We strongly believe that cutting back on energy usage is more than just a money saving issue. It also helps reduce CO2 gas emissions in the atmosphere therefore reducing the impact on the environment.

Save on your energy bills, Pollute Less, Increase comfort and value of your home!
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Residential Energy Assessment services

How does the residential energy assessment service work?

The service includes one of our licensed energy advisors:

  • Taking measurements of the geometry of the building, the insulation type and R value in the walls, basement and attic. Windows, heating systems, ventilation and standby power will also be looked at for inefficiencies.
  • Performing a blower door test that locates the air leakage areas throughout the house and measures the building's leakage rate (air changes per hour);
  • Providing the property owner with verbal recommendations at the end of the evaluation and going through program guidelines and requirements;
  • Performing energy modeling and preparing a report that is sent out within two weeks and that shows where the homeowners' energy dollars are being spent and what they can do to improve their home's energy efficiency. Included with this report is an energy efficiency rating label that shows you how energy efficient your home is compared with others in your region.